SOTA Portable Equipment

My primary SOTA rig is the Steve Weber (KD1JV)  ATS4b. (185g)
This is a 5 band CW rig covering 40 - 15 metres at approx 4 to 5 Watts O/P.
Power is supplied by a 1000mAH Lipo 3 cell battery (89g) or 350mAh 3sS Lipo (47g)
The antenna is an EFHW for the band in operation (linked wire) tuned using a KD1JV L Tuner. (85g)
This is raised on a  7 metre fishing pole.
Keyer is an American Morse Equipment Porta Paddle. (70g)

As back up I also have 2 KD1JV Mountain Top Radios (MTR)
MTR 1 covers 60 and 20 metres. (80g)
MTR 2 covers 30 and 40 metres. (169g)
Backup key is provided by a Palm Pico keyer. (28g)

Logging is done either manually, with Notepad and pencil, or via a Pandora Handheld computer using SOTALog.
ATS4b, Lipo Battery, L-Tuner, AME Porta paddle

A small handful.

A Tiny Handful.

AME Porta Paddle

MTR Ver1 (60/20)

MTR Ver2 (30/40)

KD1JV rigs

In the field

Back-up, Palm Pico key.

QRPp funday's setup! Rockmite 20 and UglyMite 40. 500mW O/P

Bicycle Rig

Bicycle rig packed

Logging with a Pandora

Pandora in action

On the mountain (summit shelter)

Tarp shelter

Bicycle Portable


  1. Hi Peter, congrats on your SOTA gear!
    We have 8 QSOs so far and I'm looking forward to a S2S.
    73 Viktor HA5LV

  2. TKS for QSOs. God Luck.

  3. Nice collection of the world's finest portable-ultralight radios ...hope to work you some day with one of my weber rigs via S2S! ...73, Steve wGOAT

  4. Brilliant collection of kit Peter. Nice to work you this morning on 40M (using 5W QRP here with indoor dipole in loft!). 73 de Nigel G4BSW Margate